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Europe receives Natalia with joy and love

Natalia Lafourcade shaked up her European public in the cities of London, Paris, Barcelona, Madrid and Ferrol, at the start of their 2018 tour with a sold out in all of them. Europe fell in love with the songs of her new production Musas 1 and 2, as well as … Read More

Natalia Lafourcade starts her Europe Tour

London will be the first city where Natalia will start its Europe Tour. His European audience will be the first to hear the songs of his new album Musas Vol. 2 that is about to be released in a few days, as well as his best hits from his past … Read More

Natalia present at the Creator Awards of the CDMX

This February 1 Natalia will participate sharing a bit about her professional and creative growth in the #creatorawards, which are held for the first time in our country to recognize Mexican entrepreneurs who, thanks to their creative ideas, generate real changes and fulfill their dreams. @wework is a platform for … Read More

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